Polybutadiene was first prepared in the early years of the 20th century by such methods as sodium-catalysed polymerisation of butadiene.


The breaking of emulsions (demulsification) is necessary in many applications such as environmental technology,


Toluene is also known as toluol, phenylmethane, methylbenzol, methylbenzene, monomethyl benzene, and methacide.

Sodium metabisulphite

Sodium metabisulfite is a white, granular solid. It is used in the pulp and paper industry, in the photographic industry …

O2 Scavenger

An oxygen scavenger is a material in which one or more reactive compounds can combine with oxygen to reduce or …

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Their skeletons are made of a …

KOH (Potassium Hydroxide)

KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) Potassium hydroxide is an important inorganic base, and is also called caustic potash or potash lye.