The stablishment of the company

and so, it started


Expanding activities and executing various projects

Initiated the execution of management, consulting and management contracting projects with

international firms.


Establishing specialized subsidiaries

Setting up and developing new expert companies in the fields of HSE, renewable energy

and EPC contracting.


Shift in stakeholders and board members to enhance activities

Change in shareholders and board structure.

Appointing Seyyed Mehrdad Jafari as CEO.


Expanding International Collaborations

Broadening International cooperation and partnerships.

Expanding PC project execution activities. 


Ten years down the road

A decade of growth

Developing commercial activities in the chemical market.

Implementing quality management standards (2008 Revision).


Joint Venture in developing production of precious metals

Partnering in the development and production of precious metal-based alloys (precious metals) in Yasin Shimi Phoenix Knowledge Based Company.

Updating Quality Management Practices to 2015 Revision.

Acquiring QC Management Certification in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries (ISOTS29001)


Establishing International offices

Established regional and international offices and branches.

Expanded international partnership network throughout Eastern Asia, Middle East and Western Europe.


Two decades from the start

Two decades of presence and growth.

Prioritizing, and expanding digital marketing and sales for chemicals.

initiating and developing intonational projects and ventures in the mining industry with the partnership of Sazeh Pardazi Toseh Datis Company.


Planning to expand Chemical production activities

Defining and developing various production plans for the production of Strategic Chemicals.

Establishing the necessary infrastructure for exporting Chemicals.

Emphasis on regional and international commerce of chemicals and related equipment.