Celestine, also known as Celestite, is a fascinating crystal that has captivated the minds of both crystal enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. celestine, mineral that is a form of strontium sulfate (SrSO4).

Celestine is an attractive mineral that occurs in well-shaped crystals with a distinctive soft blue color. Crystals may be a solid color, but may have areas of color lighter and darker than blue.

While pure Celestine is colorless, various impurities give the mineral a wider range of colors. Celestine geodes are large, deep, sky-blue crystals known and abundant from Madagascar. Celestine is similar to barite and may partially replace it. A specimen may even be part barite and part celestite in a single crystal.


Molar mass183.68 g/mol
Melting point1,606 °C (2,923 °F; 1,879 K)
Density3.9-4 g/cm3


  • Making fluorescent lamps (low consumption lamps)
  • The image lamp of color televisions
  • Making a firecracker
  • Production industries of Celestine for medicinal compounds
  • in the pharmaceutical and military industries
  • Strontium titanate in all kinds of optical absorbers
  • Strontium carbonate in lead removal in zinc electrolytic production process
  • Strontium in the production of magnets
  • Strontium carbonate purification and refining of zinc
  • Strontium carbonate for the construction of spaceships, weather stations


Bulk in Container

Chemical Formula

  • SrSO4

Other names

  • Celestite
  • Strontium sulfate

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