HIPS7240 is a very high impact polystyrene for the extrusion industry. This grade has been designed to diluted with crystal polystyrene.


Typical PropertiesUnitValue
Melt Flow Index(°200C5-KG)g/10min4.5
Styrene Residual MonomerPPM<500
Vicat Softening Point (50 °C/hr 1kg)°C97
Rockwell HardnessSCALE/R65
Tensile Stress At YeildMPA23
Tensile Stress BreakMPA21
Elongation At Break%60
Tensile ModulusMPA1950
IZOD ImpactKJ/M211


  • darty sheet,cups,trays,egg boxes,general packaging,coextrusion with GPPS at industrial sheets
  • The good melt strength of this grade makes it particularly suited for deep-draw thermoforming


25 kg bags

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