Quality Management System

Process approach for continuous improvement ISO9001:2015

In the competitive environment in industry and commerce, the principles of modern management are essential for the survival and growth of organizations. One of these principles, which have become increasingly important in the last decade due to the great achievements of information and communication technology, is the organization’s design based on a process-oriented approach for effective management and leadership.

It goes without saying that designing and implementing of the process- oriented approach is much more difficult than designing a task-oriented system, but focusing, training, and increasing the skill of human capital of the organization regarding process- oriented approach will lead to productivity enhancement, and the full satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.

RCE has been focusing on the process-oriented approach for continuous improvement, which is one of the main provisions of the company’s policy, and determine its processes by applying and modeling of Process Classification Framework (PCF) published by the Center of American Productivity and Center (APQC) and carries out activities and responsibilities in an interactive environment in accordance with the principles of Process approach continuously.