Polyaluminum chloride or hydrated aluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer in terms of its chemical composition, whose monomer is a dinuclear complex of aluminum. The industrial production of this substance is done by the reaction between aluminum and hydrochloric acid. The side product of this reaction is sodium/magnesium/calcium chloride or sulfide salts. Due to the hydrogen produced in this reaction and the risk of explosion caused by it, safety issues should be considered.


This material is available in 25 kg bags.


  • Petrochemical industry
  • Textile and dye industries
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Ceramic making
  • Water and wastewater treatment as a coagulant
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Detergents and hygiene products

Purchase of Polyaluminum Chloride

 Rayeneh Group is fully prepared to supply polyaluminum chloride chemical continuously and at a competitive price due to having private factories and also access to reliable international sources.

Other Names

  • Hydrated Aluminum Chloride
  • PAC


Milky white to deep yellow powder

Chemical Formula

AlnCl(3n-m) (OH)m

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