Rayeneh-daran has been utilizing modern supply chain management knowledge in every step of delivering its commercial & procurement services. In line with that, we have developed necessary infrastructure including national & international connections, web-based sourcing system, dedicated export/import storage tanks, dedicated warehouse, etc. All these facilities have made Rayeneh-daran organized, capable, and efficient in procuring chemicals, catalyst, and specialized equipment for various industries. We ensure our clients of quick delivery of our products at competitive prices.

Our Focus on Chemicals Includes:

Main Activities During the Last 5 Years:

  • Supplying huge amounts of chemicals & catalysts to oil, gas, refining, & petrochemical industries.
  • Supplying customized products to:
    • National Iranian Oil Co. (NIOC)
    • National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Co. (NIORDC)
    • Industry & Mine

Capacity for Supplying Chemical Materials of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries:

  • Upstream (More than 17 companies)
  • 9 Oil Refineries (Totally more than 1.5 Million Barrel/Day input capacity)
  • 8 Gas Refineries Companies (Including South Pars Company)
  • More than 50 petrochemical complexes
  • 8 Under Construction (Totally more than 1 million Barrel/Day input)