Rayeneh Group is an Expert Company who has specialized in supplying Chemicals and Specialty Equipment. As International Company benefits from its regional and international branches and partners to simplify access to different chemicals, catalysts and specialty equipment for the markets.

We manage the complex supply chain of producers and consumers of the world in order to achieve this purpose and be among the most effective and desirable suppliers of chemicals, catalysts and specialty equipment. Due to our extensive knowledge of the market, producer capabilities and customer needs, our services go beyond trade and distribution.

By undertaking special expert tasks and offering technical consultancy alongside trading, we provide our suppliers and customers with customized solutions in industrial and specialized chemicals.

The following are among the support and assistance mentioned:

  • Ontime and express delivery
  • Integrations and synthesis of products
  • Formulation
  • Repacking
  • Redefining application
  • Inventory management and barrel return and reuse


Our Focus on Chemicals Includes:

Supply and distribution of chemical material in our territory

  • Up-stream
    • Drilling Fluid Additives
    • Cementing & Mud Services
    • Acidizing Chemicals
  • Down-stream
    • Oil and Gas Refinery
    • Petrochemical
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Mine
  • Agricultural Chemicals


Main Activities During the Last 5 Years:

  • Supplying huge amounts of chemicals & catalysts to oil, gas, refining, & petrochemical industries.
  • Supplying customized products to:
    • National Iranian Oil Co. (NIOC)
    • National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Co. (NIORDC)
    • NPC
    • Industry & Mine

Capacity for Supplying Chemical Materials of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries:

    • Upstream (More than 17 companies)
    • 9 Oil Refineries (Totally more than 1.5 Million Barrel/Day input capacity)
    • 8 Gas Refineries Companies (Including South Pars Company)
    • More than 50 petrochemical complexes
    • 8 Under Construction (Totally more than 1 million Barrel/Day input)


List of Chemicals-Rayeneh Group