Happy International Nowruz Day !

New Year in Iran

Nowruz means “New Day” and it is an ancient celebration that marks the first day of spring and nature.

In 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted March 21, equivalent to Farvardin 1, as the “Culture of Peace” and “World Nowruz Day”, during which the Persian celebration of Nowruz was declared as an international occasion.

In Iran, this day is celebrated as the beginning of the New Year by setting up the “Haftsin” table with family and friends. Haftsin is a collection of seven symbols that start with the letter “S”and next to them are mirrors, candles, eggs, Nowruz sweets, as well a book of wisdom including the Holy Quran, Avesta, Bible, Divan e Hafez, Shahnameh or the Rubaiyat Poems of khayyam.


Each of the seven symbols has a specific meaning:

Seeb (Apple) :  symbol of health and beauty.

Senjed (Oleaster):  symbol of wisdom and love

Samanu) A kind of sweet that is made with wheat): symbol of power, strength and blessing.

Seer (Garlic): symbol of health and medicine

Somagh (Sumac) : symbol of patience and the manifestation of dawn, sunrise

Serkeh (Vinegar):  symbol of patience

Sonbol /Sabzeh (Greens / lavender):  symbolize rebirth, and growth

Picking a Haftsin tablecloth and setting the table is one of the activities in which the whole family participates to strengthen the bonds and spirit of empathy in the family.


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