The first world fair in its present form was held in 1851 at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, England, under the title “International Exhibition of the Goods of the Nations of the World”, and was attended by over 14,000 exhibitors from all over the world. Iran was also one of the participants in an area of 92 square meters. International exhibitions of rubber and plastics industry are held every year in all parts of the world. The general approach of these exhibitions is to develop trade links between countries of the world as well as to offer innovative solutions for this industry. Other countries’ goals modify according to the geographical conditions, primary resources and participating companies. Recently, the 24th Russian Plastic Exhibition was held in Moscow, the most important goal of which was plastic recycling solutions, polymer processing and additives for polymer production. In the mentioned exhibition, 8 Iranian companies in four booths introduced their products and capabilities in exporting petrochemical products. Capabilities offered in the export of different polymers such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene etc.
IranPlast exhibition has been held with the presence of 430 domestic and foreign companies from China, Taiwan and Italy in 9 special halls and in four product groups of raw materials, machines, products and technical and engineering services. Simultaneously with the holding of the 15th IranPlast Exhibition, the IranPlast Virtual Exhibition will be open for one month for the participants and visitors who are not able to physically attend the exhibition. In addition, 17 specialized meetings and workshops in the field of downstream petrochemical and polymer industries are planned on the sidelines of this exhibition. Also, 300 foreign businessmen from 15 countries attended the Iranplast international event. The main slogan of the exhibition was “Global Business”, which was held at the permanent exhibition center of Tehran.
In terms of environmental, CHINAPLAS, which was held from April 25 to 28, 2022 at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Exhibition and Conference Center. In addition to the various environmental protection technologies and economics of plastic recycling that was on display at the exhibition, it continued to hold its third conference and plastic recycling exhibition with CPRJ. The organization works with senior government officials and leading industry organizations, brands, suppliers of materials and machinery from around the world to share global plastics recycling trends and policies, waste management practices, as well as other interesting and practical topics. In this regard, the Global Industry exhibition is completely in line and held an exhibition on May 17-21, exclusively on the recycling of parts and materials, water and wastewater treatment, air and gas treatment. The exhibition was in Paris.
However, exhibitions such as PLASTIMAGEN will work entirely exclusively on the plastics industry. The exhibition, which will be held in Mexico, will be the most complete Latin American plastic exhibition and aims to provide advanced solutions in the field of machinery and equipment, raw materials, plastic conversion, plastic products, and services for the plastics industry.
Another exhibition that focuses on petrochemical and plastic products is Oman Plast. The 6th International Exhibition and Conference on Plastics, Rubber, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Chemical Fertilizers, Plastic Recycling, Printing and Exclusive Packaging Industry is OMAN PLAST 2022, which is held annually. The purpose of this prestigious exhibition is to show the products and services related to this industry to the developing market of Oman and the countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, and at the same time to encourage further development of trade relations between Oman and other parts of the world. Oman Plast displays the latest technologies and machinery needed to make plastics and petrochemicals.
Another exhibition that has devoted most of its sections to the plastics and plastic products industry is the Brazilian Interplast exhibition. This event is the only trade fair in this sector that brings together the entire production chain of plastic products. From raw materials to product, mold making, injection machines, extrusion, cutting and welding, thermoforming, recycling, and packaging.