Xanthan gum

Xanthan Gum is a gum obtained by microbial fermentation. This material remains constant in a wide range of temperature, pH and viscosity.

Xanthan gum-producing bacteria are stirred in a fermentation step. The production container contains carbohydrates such as glucose and a suitable source of hydrogen and nutrient salts.

They heat the reaction container and when the evaporation process is over, they heat the resulting material to destroy the bacteria.

The final product consists of xanthan gum and isopropyl alcohol, which are settled in the reaction container, and eventually, the resulting polymer is dried and packaged.

Molecular mass933 g/mol
AppearanceMilky white powder


  • Concentrator, viscosity enhancer and rheology modifier
  • In the food industry as a concentrate
  • In the pharmaceutical and health and medical industries
  • In paint and resin industries
  • Oil well drilling is also used to regulate the rheology of the environment


This material is available in 20 kg double wall bags.

Chemical Formula

  • C35H49O29

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