Sodium carbonate is a white mineral solid compound. This chemical is the sodium salt of carbonic acid.

Sodium bicarbonate is mostly made by the Solvay process, which is the same reaction of sodium chloride, ammonia and carbon dioxide in water.

Sodium bicarbonate is obtained as a precipitate and after filtering and drying it turns into sodium carbonate.

It is also possible to obtain sodium carbonate in the form of a precipitate by passing the gas through the boiling solution of pure sodium carbonate.

This chemical is available in the market in both light and dense forms.

Molecular mass105.988 g/mol
Melting Point851 °C
Density2.54 g/cm3 (25 °C, anhydrous)
AppearanceWhite solid


  • Glass industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Textile and paint industries
  • Food industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Used as a good conductor in electrolysis
  • Polymer industry
  • Anti-sediment agent
  • Water and wastewater treatment


This chemical can be supplied in 25 kg bags.

Chemical Formula

  • Na2CO3

Other names

  • disodium carbonate
  • soda ash
  • crystal soda
  • washing soda
  • light sodium carbonate
  • heavy sodium carbonate

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