From the combination of potassium and chlorine, a salt called potassium chloride is obtained. The most important salt among potassium salts is potassium chloride, which is also available as ore.

In addition, potassium chloride is the most widely used type of potassium salt, and it exists naturally as a white, pink or colorless solid crystal or powder.

This chemical is a metal halide, which is necessary for the body as a source of electrolytes.

Molecular mass74.551 g/mol
Melting Point776 °C
Boiling Point1420 °C
AppearanceWhite crystalline solid


  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Food industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Glass industry
  • Antifreeze products
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Detergent and sanitary industries


Potassium chloride is available in 25 kg bags.

Chemical Formula

  • KCL

Other names

  • Sylvite
  • Muriate of Potash

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