Rayeneh Group, with its leading scientific power in the trade of chemicals, polymers and polymer compounds, will present a specialized paper titled “Design of flame retardant mixtures for plastics” at the International Masterbatch and Polymer Compounds Conference on the second day at Arash Hall.

‏This conference will be held simultaneously by the Association of Masterbatch and Polymer Mixture Manufacturers on the 1st and 2nd of February 2024 at the Iranian Oil Industry Research Institute in

‏three halls: Azadegan, Caspian and Arash

The paper would be about designing a suitable flame retardant compound according to different demands

Rayeneh can be provide:

  • Importing the Flame Retardant Additives
  • Stocking some widely consumed Additives
  • Consulting about the market
  • Developing the formulations according to customer demands
  • Market Development for the Compounds

Designing Flame Retardant Plastic Compounds

Polymer & Compound Trading Dep of Rayeneh Group