Rayeneh Group. has an active presence in downstream and mining industries in the Middle East

Along with developing and promoting international projects in downstream and mining industries, Rayeneh Group has a relative presence in regional markets and has active offices in numerous countries of the region. This network has enhanced its presence in the international market as well.

Mehrdad Jafari, Rayeneh group’s CEO, is an Industrial Engineering graduate from the Sharif University of Technology, he also holds an MBA in International Trade. He has been active in the fields of entrepreneurship, trade, setting up and activating industrial companies, consulting, (especially in the field of development and international trade) for 20 years.

Economy and Exhibition magazine has conducted an interview with Mr. Jafari, Managing Director of Rayeneh Group at the 16th Iranplast International Exhibition, regarding the activities and plans of this company which you can read below;

Referring to the activities of Rayeneh Group, Mehrdad Jafari said: With the will of God, and with the efforts and support of the entire team, the colleagues, the international network, our respectable clients, and other relevant stakeholders, in addition to developing and advancing international projects, we have a relative presence in the regional markets in the downstream and mining industries. Currently, with the active network of offices in the countries of the region, our group has a serious presence in international projects.

He continued: “Since the beginning of 1401, we have been able to win tenders in the markets of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kuwait and Qatar. We hope to be able to consolidate our presence in these markets. Our Group is relatively successful regarding petrochemical and mineral items in these markets (despite the existing challenges and obstacles).

Mehrdad Jafari further pointed out: “In Rayeneh Group we are trying to play an active role in job creation in three different ways:

First; being committed to maintaining the stability of the supply chain to ensure production sustainability in the network of customers and clients for commercial product.

Second; providing export services both in specialized fields and in commercial activities and cooperating in increasing and sustaining the foreign exchange of Iranian companies, and finally taking the role of a developer to develop and promote industrial projects, which result in better employment and job creation.

In the end, the CEO of Rayeneh Group stated: Every year, we select one of the important exhibition events to support and to have an effective presence in line with our corporate policies, and to provide reports to stakeholders and have face-to-face interactions with the main players. Considering all these matters, we have chosen this exhibition among other opportunities.

Note: The Original interview is in Persian