Diglycolamine (DGA)

Diglycolamine (DGA) is a first-type amine liquid with the chemical formula C4H11NO2, which is soluble in water, alcohol, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Diglycolamine is the most common amine solution in the first amine purification unit or gas sweetening unit and carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide absorption.

One of the important features of diglycolamine solvent is its low vapor pressure and high density. These characteristics make the amount of circulating solvent to be reduced and the loss of solvent to be minimized if diglycolamine is used. For this reason, it is economically more affordable than monomethanol amine.


Molar mass105 g/mol
The appearanceColorless liquid
Melting point-12 °C


  • Removal of COS from liquid hydrocarbon vapor
  • Solvent
  • Removal of H2S and CO2 from natural and refinery gas and aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids
  • Foam preparation and stabilizer


This chemical is available in 200 kg metal barrels and/or IBC.

Chemical Formula


Other names

  • 2-(2-Aminoethoxy)ethan-1-ol
  • Diglykolamin
  • Aminodiglykol (ADG)
  • Ethylenglycol-mono-(2-aminoethylether)
  • Diethylenglycolamin, 2-(2-AMINOETHOXY)ETHANOL

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