what's lubricants | Lubricants (1)
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what’s lubricants | Lubricants (1)

Lubricants are materials used to reduce friction and prevent corrosion of metal parts that come in contact with each other. The relative motion of two surfaces in contact with each other is possible only when a lubricant is present. In recent times, when energy conservation and pollutant discussions have become the focus of environmental issues, lubricants have gained wider public awareness.

Scientific research shows that in the production of GDP of western industrialized countries can be saved in the energy sector with correct tribological knowledge 0.4%. Apart from the important applications of lubricants in internal combustion engines, automobiles and industrial gearboxes, turbines and hydraulic systems, there are a wide range of other applications that require proper attention to lubricants.

what's lubricants

Lubricants can be broadly divided into two major categories: automotive lubricants and industrial lubricants. Industrial lubricants are also divided into two categories: industrial oils and special lubricants such as greases, metal lubricants and solid lubricants. Lubricants can also be classified according to the type of state. Lubricants are divided into four categories in terms of condition: gas lubricants, liquid lubricants, greases and solid lubricants.


Global consumption of lubricants

In 2004, global consumption of lubricants was about 36.2 million tons worldwide. Of this amount, 53% has been used in the automotive industry, 32% in the industrial sector, 5% in the marine industry and 10% in other industries. Table (1) shows the consumption of lubricants in different regions in 2004 and 2005.




Table (1) consumption of lubricants in different parts of the world

consumption in 2004 (KT)consumption in 2005


81708130North America
32153295Latin America
47054635Western Europe
48354905Northern and Central Europe
17751795Eastern Europe
1158011870Asia Pacific


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