Triethylaluminum is used as a co-catalyst. There are different production methods for this chemical. The most effective method of producing this material is to use aluminum metal, hydrogen gas and ethylene.

Due to the efficiency of this production method, triethylaluminum is considered one of the most available organic aluminum compounds.

Triethylaluminum can also be produced from chlorinated compounds of ethyl aluminum, which is obtained from the reaction of aluminum powder with chloroethane using an alkali metal such as sodium comes.

Molecular mass228.33 g/mol
Boiling point186.6 °C
AppearanceColorless liquid


  • Co-catalyst of polyolefins
  • A pioneer composition for the production of fatty alcohols
  • Reagent for the production of organic and organic-metallic compounds
  • Pyrophoric agent


This chemical is packed and transported in ISO tanks.

Chemical Formula

  • Al2(C2H5)6

Other names

  • TEAL
  • Triethylaluminum
  • Triethylalumane

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