This compound is known as basic salt of calcium and phosphate. Tri-Calcium phosphate (TCP) has relatively good chemical stability in the environment.

This chemical exists in three crystalline polyamorph forms, α, α’ and β, and the α and α’ states are stable at high temperatures.

There is a difference between the chemical and biological properties of the beta and alpha forms, the alpha grade being more soluble and biodegradable.

Both forms are commercially available and present in formulations used in medical and dental applications. Tricalcium phosphate can be used as a substitute for natural bone tissue. It is also used as a strong absorbent of moisture in the food industry.

Molecular mass310.2 gr/mol
Melting Point1670 °C
AppearanceWhite amorphous powder


  • Food industry as an additive and supplement
  • Industries producing polymers
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Sugar and salt dehumidifier
  • White and glossy in ceramic industries
  • As a tooth polisher and making powder and toothpaste


This chemical is packed in 25 kg bags.

Chemical Formula

  • Ca3(PO4)2

Other names

  • calcium phosphate
  • Tribasic calcium phosphate
  • tricalcium bis(phosphate)

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