sodium sulfate

Sodium sulfate is found as a mineral in nature and is also produced as a by-product through some industrial processes.

Sodium sulfate is in the category of non-toxic chemicals and has many industrial applications. This chemical with different grades and purity is widely used in different industries.

Generally, in countries that lack sodium sulfate mineral resources, chemical synthesis methods are used to prepare sodium sulfate.

As a result of the reaction between sulfuric acid and table salt, sodium sulfate and hydrochloric acid are obtained.

In this reaction, sodium sulfate salt is considered as the main product of the process and hydrochloric acid as a side product of the process.

The appearancewhite powder
Molecular mass142.04 g/mol
Boiling temperature1429 °C
The melting point884 °C


  • Animal feed
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass industries
  • Detergent industry
  • Weaving and dyeing industries
  • Paper industry


This chemical can be supplied in 25 kg bags.

Chemical Formula

  • Na2SO4

Other names

  • Sodium sulphate
  • Disodium sulfate
  • Sulfate of sodium
  • Thenardite (anhydrous mineral)
  • Glauber’s salt (decahydrate)
  • Sal mirabilis (decahydrate) Mirabilite (decahydrate mineral)

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