Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is a corrosive liquid that has no color or odor. This acid is soluble in water and ethanol.

Phosphoric acid can be produced by thermal and wet methods. In the thermal method, although the purity of the resulting phosphoric acid is high, but due to the high cost of this process, it is used only for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries and for cleaning materials that have high sensitivity and high quality.

According to the available statistics, it can be said that about 60% of the phosphoric acid consumed in the industry is produced by the wet method.

Most of the acid produced by the wet method is called industrial phosphoric acid and it is used in the production of chemical fertilizers and animal and poultry feed supplements.

A problem that is very important in the production of acid by wet method is the concentration of impurities in the produced acid. Because if the concentration of impurities is higher than the standard, they are stored in plants and animal and poultry meat and enter the human body when consumed.


The appearancea colorless solid (in its pure form) or a colorless liquid soluble in water
Molar mass97.995 g/mol
Melting point42 °C
Boiling point212 °C


  • Agriculture
  • Dietary
  • Cosmetics
  • pH adjustment
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Medical


This chemical is available in 35 kg polyethylene containers or 200 kg barrels.

Chemical Formula

  • H3PO4

Other names

  • orthophosphoric acid

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