Oil Industry Joint Venture Law Workshop in Tehran

TEHRAN, Feb. 24 (Shana) – A three-day workshop on using joint operating agreements (JPA) in the petroleum industry will be held here on February 28 – March 1.


Themed “Joint Operating Agreements: International Practices and Challenges”, the workshop will be run by Eduardo Pereira, attorney and international energy consultant, and adjunct professor of energy law.

In oil and gas projects, the unique combination of expense and risk requires that participants often share the burden by forming some form of joint venture. The JOA is the constitution form of the joint venture given the huge size of the investment.

The upcoming energy law event in Tehran is sponsored by the Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies, with The Hague-based Creative Business Consultancy (CBS) Energy as the organizer. 

In the capacity of a client-driven and consultancy services firm, CBS and its office in Tehran liaise between Europe and Iran and provide market intelligence and strategic advice for oil and gas projects.

Source: http://www.shana.ir//en/newsagency/255729/Oil-Industry-Joint-Venture-Law-Workshop-in-Tehran