The presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the water entering the boiler can cause boiler corrosion. In the drilling industry, when large amounts of fluid are injected into the well in processes such as fracturing operations, saltwater discharge wells, and flooding operations, a significant amount of oxygen enters the process and leads to numerous problems.

Incoming oxygen causes corrosion in the casing of the well wall, drilling equipment and pipelines. The two examples mentioned are among the problems caused by the presence of oxygen in various industries.

Therefore, one of the most important issues that engineers always face is the removal of unwanted oxygen in processes.

Oxygen scavengers are used as chemicals to react and remove oxygen in water systems.

By forming a layer on the surface of the metal, oxygen scavengers prevent dissolved oxygen from reaching the surface and thus reduce the rate of corrosion.

In fact, if oxygen is not removed from the environment, the oxygen in the solution combines with iron and oxidizes the iron quickly, thus causing corrosion.

Boiling Point100 °C
Density1.185 gr/cm3


  • Pharmaceutical industry as a raw material
  • In medical kits
  • Removing oxygen from water used for heating, cooling, drilling
  • Improving corrosion control in polymer and drilling mud systems
  • Boilers


This chemical is packed in IBC or 220 liters barrels.

Chemical Formula

  • DEHA based
  • Carbohydrazide or Sulphite based

Other names

  • O2 Scavenger
  • Boiler oxygen scavenger

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