N-Formyl morpholine is mainly used for liquid extraction. This chemical is one of the best options for separating aromatic compounds from aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Because the conventional distillation process is not practical and possible due to the volatility of the two components in the mixture.

N-Formyl morpholine is suggested as a physical solvent for the purification of natural gas containing CO2 and concentrated H2S.

Boiling point239 °C
Melting point21 °C
Molecular mass115.132 g/mol
AppearanceWhite solid


  • Solvent
  • Gas scrubbing
  • Formylating agent
  • Separation of aromatic compounds from aliphatic


It is packed in drums 210 kg net weight or IBC.

Chemical Formula

  • C5H9NO2

Other names

  • Formyl morpholine
  • 4-Morpholinecarboxaldehyde
  • NFM
  • Morpholine-4-carbaldehyde
  • N-Formylmorfolin

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