Monoethylene glycol or abbreviated MEG is an organic compound from the family of glycols and the first series of compounds in the same category as alcohol dioxide. This oligomer of ethylene glycol is widely used in various industries. The boiling and freezing point of this substance varies according to its concentration. All car antifreeze products are produced using this organic compound.


62.07 gr/mole Molecular weight
197.3 °C Boiling point
-12.9 °C Melting point
Colorless and viscous liquid Appearance​


This material can be supplied in 25 MT tankers and/or 220-liter drums.


  • Antifreeze products
  • As a raw material in the production of polyester fibers
  • Latex paints and asphalt emulsions
  • Electrolytic capacitors
  • Intermediate substance in chemical reaction and polymer production
  • Solvent for the production of plastic, varnish, paint
  • Coupling printing inks
  • Solvent for pigments in textile and leather dyeing
  • Raw material in the formulation of agricultural materials
  • Production of explosives
  • Preservative, rust remover and disinfectant
  • As a thermodynamic inhibitor and hydrate inhibitor in gas transmission lines
  • In order to remove water vapor from natural gas before processing
  • Raw material for polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Other Names

  • 1,2-ethanediol
  • ethylene alcohol
  • 1,2-dihydroxyethane
  • Ethylene glycol

Chemical Formula

  • C2H6O2

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