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Methylene chloride

Methylene chloride was first formulated in 1839 by the French artistic chemist Victor Regna. Today, methylene chloride, also known as dichloromethane, is produced by the following reactions:





This substance has little toxicity among chlorohydrocarbons. Nevertheless, it is still not safe.

Excessive inhalation of this substance causes symptoms of decreased concentration, dizziness, nausea, weakness, numbness and dizziness. Due to these points, the use of this chemical by the EPA in 2014, faced significant restrictions. The reason for this gratitude is the risk of cancer as well as neurological and liver problems caused by the use of this substance.

Methylene chloride is widely used in industrial and non-industrial applications, Figure (1) shows how methylene chloride will be distributed in different parts of the world in 2018.

Methylene chloride

Fig (1): distribute methylene chloride consumption in different regions of the world


There some application of methylene chloride:

  • Shoe industry: This material is widely used in the shoe industry. Because in the shoe industry, this material prevents the adhesion of the mold. Dichloromethane is also used as a detergent in shoe and shoe factories.
  • Paint Industries: Used as a solvent to remove paint coatings from a variety of surfaces.
  • Food industry: Used as an extractive solvent in the food and beverage industry.
  • Transportation industry: Used for degreasing metal surfaces and parts such as aircraft and railway components and equipment. Methylene chloride vapor is also used to remove oil and grease from automotive transistor components, diesel engines and aircraft components, and spacecraft components.
  • Medical industry: Used to extract chemicals and prepare drugs such as steroids, antibiotics and vitamins.
  • Chemical industry: Dichloromethane volatile along with its solubility in many chemical solvents has led to its effective presence in many chemical processes.
  • Production of sprays: Due to high volatility, dichloromethane is used as a additives for sprays.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Used in the pharmaceutical industry to make methyl.