Methyl diethanolamine, which is also known as MDEA, is a family of amines that is widely used in the sweetening of sour gas in gas refineries. It is a colorless liquid with a smell similar to ammonia. It can be mixed with water, ethanol and benzene. The distinguishing feature of MDEA compared to other amines is its excellent ability to remove H2S and CO2 from the sour gas stream. MDEA as a solvent for gas purification has several advantages compared to other alkanolamines.

One of these advantages is the low vapor pressure, which allows the formation of high percentage amine compounds without significant losses through the absorber and regenerator. Another advantage of MDEA is its high resistance to chemical and thermal decomposition. Also, the reaction heat of this material with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide is low, so it reduces the operating costs of the reboiler. This chemical is obtained from the ethoxylation of methylamine and ethylene oxide.


Other names2,2′-(Methylazanediyl) di(ethan-1-ol), Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) (methyl)amine
Chemical formulaC5H13NO2
The melting temperature-21 degrees Celsius
Molecular mass119.16 g/mol
AppearanceColorless liquid


  • Removal of intermediate surfactant in gaseous processes
  • Gas sweetening in refining and petrochemical industries
  • Catalyst for polyurethane foams
  • Solution pH controller
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • Fuel additives
  • Synthesis of painkillers


This material can be supplied in 215 kg barrels.

Other Names

  • 2,2′-(Methylazanediyl) di(ethan-1-ol)
  • Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) (methyl)amine

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