Iron Control Agent

The presence of iron-containing compounds leads to the damage of pipelines and tanks in two ways, causing sedimentation and sludge formation.

Therefore, it is essential to use iron control chemicals to prevent these damages. These materials are divided into two categories:

  • Iron reducing agent
  • Iron complex agent

The chemical formula of this agent is Tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Na4EDTA). Other names of this agent are Basosolve B Lq, B PWD, BX. The common denominator of high iron control agents is the stabilization of iron ions in the process.

Iron control agent is used to reduce iron ions in acidic solutions. Among the applications of these materials is their use in the drilling acidization process.

The iron control agent consists of a mixture of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, sulfite salts and a substance containing iodine ions.

The iron control agent may also contain small amounts of 2-morphoethanol and thioglycolic acid or salts thereof. Its appearance is white and odorless powder.

Molecular mass380.171 g·mol−1
CAS Number64-02-8 (anhydrous) 13235-36-4 (tetrahydrate)
AppearanceWhite solid


  • Reduction of iron ions in acidic solutions
  • Acidizing process of drilling oil wells
  • Removal of trivalent iron ions


This chemical is mainly is packed in 220 liters barrel.

Chemical Formula

  • Na4EDTA

Other names

  • Basosolve B Lq
  • B PWD
  • BX

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