Iran Eyes Increased Oil Recovery from South Azadegan as of Sept.

TEHRAN, July 10 (Shana) – To increase early production from South Azadegan oil field, oil will be extracted from the field in steps as of September, according to official in charge of the project for development of Azadegan Jonoubi Field Masood Marashi.

Marashi told Shana said initially, the oil extraction will start with 30,000 barrels increase and reach 60,000 barrels then.

He said by March, 50,000 bpd oil was extracted from South Azadegan but then 7,500 bpd was added to the figure as three wells were dug.

On the whole, total amount of extraction will reach more than 110,000 bpd once the project for early production increase from South Azadegan is fully commissioned, he concluded.