The story is just beginning!

Discover how we grow from a four person’ office 45 square to the organization as it is known today.

The story of Rayeneh Group has been shaped by the challenges, experiences, management risks and management changes.



Rayeneh established as private and independent company.

In middle of 1999 Rayeneh was established by pioneer as a consulting engineers’ company

Rayeneh cooperation with Universities researcher formed

Rayeneh formed a strong group of specialist consulter of professors of famous universities for cooperation between university and industry


Continually done projects

Rayeneh had continually managed 1. Consulting projects 2. AMEL CHAHAROM for Oil, Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical industries.


Developer three companies

Rayeneh was develop three companies in field of HSE, Renewable energies and?


Rayeneh continues with new Director Manager, Mehrdad Jafari.


Rayeneh International cooperation

Successful cooperation with Ranhill


10th year anniversary

In 2009, Rayeneh celebrated 10 years of business in Oil & Mine industries as AMEL CHAHAROM, consulting & Developer.
With these experiences Rayeneh expansion into new market as chemicals supplier in same industries.


First abroad office opened

New office opened in Istanbul, expanding rayeneh’ global reach. (tricon 2004)


International Project by UNIDO

Energy Optimization for Refineries & Petrochemicals company with joint venture


Rayeneh develops a Factory

Rayeneh develop the first Precious Metal Factory in Iran via investment as majority shareholder in Ghoghnos Company.


20th years anniversary

یک نمودار رشد فروش یا یک نمودار از درصد تحقق اهداف بیست ساله


Rayeneh meet its goals base on mission

Rayeneh Group were proud to network of satisfied clients as a supplier chemicals & International project developer