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High- Impact Polystyrene is a type of synthetic polymer that is made from styrene monomer. This type of polymer is known in the industry as HIPS. Polystyrenes are produced in three types: general, high-impact and expanded. The melting temperature of the high-impact is around 240 degrees Celsius.

Polystyrene is one of the main materials for making all kinds of accessories in the industry. High-impact polystyrene is one of the 5 main industrial resins. This polymer has industrial uses in electronic industries, construction compounds and household appliances industry. It also has a very high resistance to moisture absorption and is very suitable for food packaging. This polymer is not suitable for use above 85 degree Celsius.


Melt flow index (200 °C-5KG) g/10min4.5
Vicat softening point (50 °C/hr. 1kg)97
Tensile stress at yield (MPa)23
Elongation at break (%)60
Tensile modulus (MPa)1950
Izod impact (KJ/m2)11


  • Packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics, industrial and horticultural products
  • Toys
  • Household appliances


HIPS is available in 25kg bags.

Chemical Formula

  • (C8H8) n

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