HBM 5510 is a high density polyethylene, specially developed for large parts blow molding. This grade, which is produced by 1-hexene as a co-monomer, offers high stiffness, good process-ability, excellent parison melt strength and good ESCR.

HBM 5510 has been manufactured under Basell license.

Typical PropertiesTypical ValueUnit
High Load Melt Flow Index (190oC/ 21.6 kg)10g/10 min
Melt Flow Index (190oC/ 5 kg)0.50g/10 min
Tensile Stress at Break43MPa
ESCR F50 (100% Igepal, Method B)110hrs


Large Parts Blow Molding – Standard and Lightweight Jerry Cans- Open Top Drums (Up to 110 lit)


Pellet in 25 Kg PE bag on Pallet

Other Names

High Density Polyethylene

Chemical Formula

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