Ethanol 96%

Ethanol 96% is a chemical compound with the formula C2H5OH, which is widely used in various industries such as perfume and cologne, food, pharmaceutical, solvent and fuel industries.

96% alcohol or ethanol dissolves in water in any proportion due to the formation of hydrogen bonds.

In general, there are two main processes for ethanol production:

  1. The first method is the traditional process of ethanol production, in which carbohydrates are converted into ethanol by the growth of fermentation cells, and for this purpose, foods such as beets, sugarcane, and grain products such as corn are used. This method is often used to produce ethanol used in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  2. In the second method, ethanol is obtained by passing a mixture of ethylene and a large amount of steam at high temperature and pressure over an acid catalyst. This method is often used to produce industrial grade ethanol.
    Ethanol obtained from both methods is in the form of a dilute aqueous solution, which is concentrated by the distillation process.


AppearanceColorless liquid
Boiling point78.4 °C
Melting point-112 °C


  • Fuel
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries


This chemical is available in the form of barrels, IBC or isotank.

Chemical Formula


Other names

  • ethyl alcohol
  • fruit alcohol

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