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      We are the exclusive representative & distributor of DMDS that is produced in Iran.


      DMDS 99.5

      Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS)

      Adding sulfur compounds to feed is one of the conventional methods to overcome the effects of coke formation on cracking processes. In cracking process hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, thiophene, dibenzyl disulfide use for prevent coke formation. Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) is one of the most conventional sulfide compounds that used in olefins and other cracking units for this purpose.

      Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) with the C2H6S2 chemical formula is also known as methyl disulfide and is the simplest compound of disulfide.

      The following table shows the most important specification of DMDS:

      TDS DMDS 99.5

      Test MethodTypical ValueUnitProperty
      VisualLight YellowAppearance
      ChromatographyMin. 99.5%wt.%Purity
      Chromatography500 maxppmWater Content
      ASTM D40521.06g/mlDensity@60 °F
      94.2Gr/molMolecular Weight
      ASTM D429467.5 minwt.%Total Sulfur
      ASTM D2913Max. 200ppmMethyl Mercaptan
      ASTM D70420.62mPa.sDynamic Viscosity @70 °F
      ASTM D5660°FFlash Point. TCC

      Advantage of using DMDS:

      Compared to other sulfiding agents, DMDS has the highest amount of sulfur, which reduces the amount of product required to convert oxides to activated metal sulfides. It has high thermal stability with low viscosity and is suitable for liquid or gas phase injection. At low temperatures it begins to decompose to H2S, thus eliminating the dangers of reducing metal oxides prior to sulfidation. In addition, DMDS decomposes in tow steps, minimizing the risk of temperature excursion during sulfidation.

      DMDS application

      • Petrochemical industries
      •        1.Coke inhibitor in olefin furnaces
      •        2.Propane dehydration
      • Refining industries
      •        1. Sulfiding of hydrocracking catalysts
      •        2.Hydrodesulphurization catalysts
      •        3.Hydrotreating catalysts
      • Increased thermal cracking speed
      • Increased selectivity of hydrocarbons conversion
      • Prevent formation of coke at the internal surface of reactor coils
      • Agricultural industries


      DMDS is available in following packings:

      • ISO-tank containers (Net weight: 20,000 kg)
      • IBC (Net weight: 1,000 kg)
      • Steel Drum (Net weight: 200 kg)


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