Aqueous Diethanolamine (DEA) is a colorless organic liquid with an ammonia-like odor and is a bifunctional amine alcohol. Diethanolamine, like other amines, is a weak base and has the hydrophilic properties of alcohols and is soluble in water. Diethanolamine is used as a sweetening agent, surfactant or anti-corrosion agent. The advantage of using the chemical substance Diethanolamine compared to other amine compounds is not producing products such as CoS and CS2 and saving energy.


Molecular weight105 gr/mole
Boiling point271 °C
Melting point28 °C
AppearanceColorless crystals (in pure form)
PackingTanker/ 220 liter metal drums


  It is packed in 180 liter metal drums.


  • Gas sweetening
  • Surfactant and anti-corrosion
  • Textile Industry
  • Production of detergents
  • Cosmetics industry

Other Names

  • 2,2′-Iminodiethanol

  • β,β’-Dihydroxydiethylamine

  • N,N-Bis (2-hydroxyethyl) amine

  • Bis (hydroxyethyl) amine
  • DEA

Chemical Formula

  • C4H11NO2

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