Cyclohexylamine (C6H13N) is an organic compound of the aliphatic amines group with a molar mass of 99. This compound is a colorless liquid and can be mixed with water and other organic solvents such as alcohols. Like other amines, they are weak bases. This substance is used in the production of many other organic compounds such as cyclamate.

It is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other organic compounds. This material is based on sulfonamide, which is used as an accelerator for the vulcanization process. This substance is also used to produce painkillers. Some sweeteners such as cyclamates are derived from this amine. Some herbicides are derived from Cyclohexylamine.

This chemical is also an excellent inhibitor against corrosion and anti-scaling. This material is also used as a raw material for making perfumes, emulsifiers, colors, and sweeteners.


Molecular weight99.17 gr/mole
Flash point27 °C
Boiling point134.5 °C
AppearanceColorless liquid


Intermediate in synthesis of other organic compounds
Precursor to sulfenamide-based reagents
A building block for pharmaceuticals
Corrosion inhibitor
Printing ink industry


This chemical is stored in 220 liter barrels.

Other Names

  • Aminocyclohexane
  • Aminohexahydrobenzene
  • Hexahydroaniline
  • Hexahydrobenzenamine

Chemical Formula

  • C6H13N

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