Antioxidants or UV stabilizers are chemicals that stop the spontaneous oxidation reactions of polymers. Aerobic degradation occurs gradually at room temperature, but almost all polymers are subject to thermal oxidation during high temperature processing and shaping. For example, polypropylene and rubber begin to decompose slowly at room temperature.

Antioxidants are of great importance during the polymerization process and are increasingly provided by amine light stabilizers (HALS) with long-term stability at ambient temperature. Phenolic compounds, lead and cadmium compounds, organophosphates are the main compounds used as antioxidants in polymers. Irganox and Irgafos compounds are among the most familiar brand names used as antioxidants in polymers.


Min molecular mass600 gr/mol
The melting point180-190 °C
Appearancewhite powder or granules


They are mainly packed in 20 kg bags.


  • Delaying the oxidative degradation of polymers at ambient temperature
  • Increasing the resistance of polymers used in food packaging to microwaves
  • Increasing the oxidation resistance of polymers at high temperatures.

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