Reverse Osmosis is a water purification process in which pressure is used to reverse the osmotic flow of water through a semi-permeable membrane to produce pure water and remove ions dissolved in it.

RO chemicals are used to improve the performance of reverse osmosis system membranes. Various chemicals are used in reverse osmosis, which are used to separate ions, molecules, water polluting particles and purify them. RO chemicals help to significantly reduce deposits and impurities in the membranes of the desired system.

Antiscalants, Antifoulings and RO powder cleaners are special chemicals that prevent these contaminants from attaching to the membrane surface. There are several companies in the world that offer a complete list of RO chemicals that are specifically designed to help keep membrane systems clean and free of fouling.

Without the use of RO chemicals, a large amount of suspended solids in the water is placed on the surface of the adhesive membrane and by passing through the reverse osmosis membranes, it reduces the ability of reverse osmosis. Improper use of anti-scalant can bring risks due to scaling of membranes and reduction of RO efficiency.


These chemicals mainly packed in 25 kg plastic containers or 220 liter barrels.


• Maintain membrane efficiency
• Eliminate flaking of the membrane
• Corrosion reduction
• Extending the useful life of equipment
• Reduced membrane cleaning
• Silica and iron deposition control
• Wastewater treatment

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