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Morpholine is a volatile organic chemical compound. This compound has the characteristics of two functional groups, amine and ether. Morpholine is an amino water that has chemical stability.

The function of ether molecule is usually inactive and most reactions of morpholine involve secondary amine. Due to having an amino functional group, morpholine has a basic property, and due to having H+, it has an acidic property.

Industrial production of morpholine is possible using the hydration of diethanolamine with sulfuric acid. This substance can also be produced using diethylene glycol and ammonia in the presence of a catalyst.


Puritymin 99 %
Boiling point229°F
Sulfur content68 wt%
AppearanceColorless liquid


  This substance is available in 200 kg barrels.


• Corrosion inhibitor in boiler systems
• As an intermediary in the manufacture of rubber chemicals and optical brighteners
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Disinfectant in water purification systems
• In the agricultural industry as protection and cover against insects and fungal contamination for fruit
• As an antioxidant in the production of lubricating oils

Other Names

  • Diethyleneimide oxide
  • 1,4-Oxazinane
  • Tetrahydro-1,4-oxazine
  • Diethylene imidoxide
  • diethylene oxamide
  • Tetrahydro-p-oxazine

Chemical Formula

  • C4H9NO

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