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Monoethanolamine or MEA is a liquid organic compound with high viscosity, hydrophilic, colorless and has an ammonia-like odor. The chemical formula of this compound is H2NCH2CH2OH. MEA is soluble in water, benzene, ether and carbon tetrachloride. This material absorbs moisture and can react with carbon dioxide in the air, which is decomposed by light and slowly oxidized by air, turning yellow or brown.

This substance is corrosive to metals such as copper, brass, iron, bronze, aluminum and zinc. Monoethanolamine has the characteristics of alcohols and amines, therefore it has the capacity to perform chemical reactions with both groups. As amine alkyls are intermediates and react with acids to form salts and soaps, and as an alcohol, they are hydrophilic and can be esterified.


Molecular weight61.08 gr/mole
Melting point10.3 °C
Boiling point170 °C
Appearancecolorless liquid


This chemical can be supplied in 230 kg barrels.


  • CO2 capture
  • Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Buffer or preparation of emulsion
  • pH regulator

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