Bentonite is composed of clays and swelling minerals, which are mainly montmorillonite and a small amount of Beadlite. Most bentonites are formed by the weathering and alteration of volcanic ash and often in the presence of water.

Bentonite has an aluminosilicate structure and is placed in the category of three-layer silicates.
Bentonite is divided into two types of swollen (sodium-containing) bentonite and non-swelling (calcium-containing) bentonite.

Swollen or sodium bentonite absorbs several times its volume of water and expands and becomes sticky. This type of bentonite is used as drilling bentonite and also as a grout for sealing walls.

Molecular mass414.3595972 g/mol
The appearanceCreamy white with 100-120 mesh


  • Steel industries
  • In the pharmaceutical industry as a bulking and coating material
  • In medicine as an antidote in heavy metal poisoning
  • Wastewater treatment
  • In the drilling industry
  • Preparation of detergents
  • Glazing industries
  • Agriculture


This material is available 25 kg bags.

Chemical Formula

  • Al2O3-4SiO2-4H2O

Other names

  • Soapy clay
  • Tellurite

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