An anti-sludge agent is used to prevent the destructive effects of oil sludge. This agent can be cationic surfactant, dodecylbenzene, sulfonic acid, corrosion inhibitor, iron reduction agent or other additives such as copper sulfate. Most of these anti-sludge materials are sensitive to phosphate and lose their effectiveness. For this purpose, before using these materials, if the phosphate is high, we must use anti-phosphate materials. Oil sludge is a complex emulsion of various hydrocarbons, water, heavy metals and solid particles.
The main source of sludge production are resins, paraffin, asphalt and hydrocarbons with different molecular weight in crude oil. Each of these factors causes deposits and creates sludge due to different reactions with acid.


The appearanceBrown liquid
Bulk density8.63 lbm/gal
Flash point35 °C


  • Effective algae killer
  • Removal of oil sludge
  • Dissolution of some minerals
  • No foam production in water
  • To increase harvest from oil and gas resources


The anti-sludge chemical is in the form of a brown liquid, which is supplied in 200-liter barrels.

Chemical Formula

  • cationic surfactants such as dodecylbenzene

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