This compound is not soluble in hard water and is mostly used in soft and medium water. Perchlorine is available in two types of powder and granules.

Perchlorine is the best and most available and cheapest water disinfectant, especially for emergency situations and control of epidemics that can be transmitted through water.

Calcium hypochlorite is obtained industrially through the reaction of chlorine gas with calcium hydroxide.

Molecular mass142 g/mol
Appearancemilky white powder


  • As an antiseptic
  • For bleaching wood pulp, silk, fabric and fiber
  • Purification of drinking water and swimming pools
  • Agriculture


This chemical is available in 25 kg bags or barrels.

Chemical Formula

  • Ca (ClO)2

Other names

  • Hypochlorous acid calcium salt
  • bleaching powder
  • chloride of lime
  • Perchlorine

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