Calcium carbonate is one of the most abundant sedimentary rocks forming the earth’s crust. Calcium carbonate is found in various forms such as limestone, plaster and marble in all parts of the world and its origin is aquatic organisms such as corals, microorganisms, etc. Properties such as reasonable price, low oil absorption, low hardness, high dispersion and also brightness have made calcium carbonate to be used as the most common filling material in various industries.

Pure calcium carbonate can be produced from marble or by-passing carbon dioxide through calcium hydroxide solution.


Molecular mass100 g/mol
Appearancewhite powder


  • As a drilling fluid
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper, plastic and paint industries as a filler
  • Construction Industry


It is available in the form of 25 kg bags.

Chemical Formula


Other names

Gypsum, Limestone, Calcite, Aragonite, Marble

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