The chemical substance aluminum sulfate is also known by other names such as Cake Alum or Filter Alum. The chemical formula of this material is Al2(SO4)3 with the molecular weight of 342 g/mol (anhydrous grade) and it is a white crystalline solid. It is obtained by adding aluminum hydroxide to sulfuric acid or by heating aluminum metal in sulfuric acid solution or from clay. It is available in two forms, with and without water.


Appearancewhite crystalline solid
Molecular mass342 g/mol (without water)
Density2.67 gr/cm3


  • Coagulant in water and wastewater treatment
  • Food industry
  • animal’s food
  • pH controller
  • Phosphate controller


It can be stored in polyethylene, polypropylene or stainless-steel drums.

Chemical Formula

  • Al2(SO4)3

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