Activated alumina is produced from the dihydroxylation of aluminum hydroxide, which is a very porous material. This material can have a high specific surface area (more than 200 square meters per gram). Due to its high porosity and high specific surface area, this material can be a suitable base for industrial heterogeneous catalysts. Active alumina in its phase percentage composition exists only in the form of gamma alumina. Alpha alumina cannot be used as an absorbent because it does not have a high active surface, but it is the only stable compound of aluminum oxide. Active alumina is white in color and has advantages such as low wear, high resistance to crushing and uniform grain size. Due to the many tunnel-shaped holes that this material has, it has a very high contact surface-to-weight ratio.



  • Catalyst of the Klaus process
  • The substrate of catalysts
  • Adsorbent of fluoride compounds in filters
  • Desiccant


Activated alumina is available in drum or big bag packages.

Chemical Formula

  • Al2O3

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